Hurricane Sandy: A Tale of Caution

So many people on the East Coast have been affected by Hurricane Sandy in one way or another. We personally lost power for an evening and our town held a rescheduled trick-or-treat day on November 3rd due to so many being without power for many days.

But I wanted to share my brother’s story with you. He lives in the Pocono Mountains of PA. Power outages in any storm are not uncommon around there. So it was no surprise when the long arms of Sandy knocked his power our pretty early in the storm.

Sitting at home, alone, in the dark for hours, my brother decided to take a break and charge up his cell phone and listen to the news for a little bit in his truck.

And here’s what he posted on Facebook a little while later:

He told me, “I went out and sat in the truck to charge my phone and listen to the news. I was out there maybe 5 minutes and the tree fell on me.”

Later he commented that, “A little boy in this area died last night when he was hit by a falling branch. I count myself extremely lucky.”

The pictures below show just how close he came to meeting his maker.

So what did we learn from this? DO NOT GO OUTSIDE DURING A HURRICANE, even if it’s just to your car!

And I’ll be gifting my brother a solar and hand-cranked powered emergency radio and cell phone charger. It’s an all-in-one gadget that would have kept him indoors, for sure!