St. Patrick’s Day Crafts – Shamrock Shells & Rainbow

On Sunday we took advantage of the early Spring weather and visited a local playground.

Clam shells everywhere!

This playground is in a park with a creek. The creek must be prone to flooding because it’s not uncommon to see shells strewn about well above the normal tide line. On Sunday, the park was completely littered with these freshwater clam shells. (Side note: after a little google sleuthing I’m pretty sure this is Corbicula fluminea – an invasive species originally from Asia.)

Serendipity whispered in my ear and I got an idea for an easy St. Patrick’s Day craft!

So we set about collecting the little buggers in various sizes. It didn’t take long at all!

The next day, we washed and dried them. Then we painted them in different shades of green! After going a little paint crazy, we cleaned up our mess and let the little shells dry overnight. Note: washable kid paint will work but doesn’t cover very well so I ended up busting out my big girl acrylic paints. Acrylic doesn’t take very long to dry but using them in your living room with a toddler may wrack your nerves. ;)

Freshwater clams - washed and ready for crafting!

The next day, we glued them to a large sheet of paper:

Invasive species turned into fun Shamrock Craft!

We also made a rainbow out of little squarish scraps of colored construction paper. A lesson and craft in and of itself!

Can’t forget to color the paper and add stems (though I’m partial to the simple white background version above). Also, it’s fun to slip in a lucky four leaf clover or two. My 2 year old didn’t take long to notice and thought it was funny – in a “that’s wrong, mommy!” kind of way.