How to Geotarget and Gate Facebook Posts


Did you know that you can geographically target Facebook posts on the Facebook pages you manage? You can also target by Gender, Relationship Status, Educational Status, Interested In, Age, Location, and Language. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do geotarget your posts. How to Enable Geo-Targeting First, let’s enable geotargeting in your settings. By default, this setting is usually … Read More

Nichole AnnHow to Geotarget and Gate Facebook Posts

Small Businesses Embrace Social Media Marketing

Vertical Response just released an interesting infographic. They surveyed 462 small businesses on how much time and money they spend on social media activities, including finding and sharing content on popular social networks and blogging, and what tasks take the most time. Bottom line, more small businesses are catching onto social media marketing and are spending more resources on it. … Read More

Nichole AnnSmall Businesses Embrace Social Media Marketing

Klout Score Observations

Just thought I’d share an little anecdote about Klout. I have 2 Twitter accounts, thus 2 Klout profiles. I have one personal Facebook profile. I have public pages for my blogs as well but had linked my Facebook account to Klout before the ability to link pages was available. My personal Facebook profile was linked to JustBooks4Kids. While … Read More

Nichole AnnKlout Score Observations

Pin the Source! Pinterest

I signed up for Pinterest awhile back but only jumped on the bandwagon the past month or so. And yep, just like everyone says, it’s fun and addicting. But I’ve got a pet peeve now… people not using the original source page when pinning. This includes the following: 1. Uploading NON-original work. That would be any picture you didn’t take … Read More

Nichole AnnPin the Source! Pinterest

Business on the Web – Link Roundup

As we move into a new week, I want to share a few articles and blog posts I found interesting this past week or so. On the SEO front, Search Engine Land confirmed that Google released Panda 3.2 For those out of the loop, “Panda” is Google’s attempt to lower the rankings of low-quality websites that was first implemented in … Read More

Nichole AnnBusiness on the Web – Link Roundup