Pin the Source! Pinterest

I signed up for Pinterest awhile back but only jumped on the bandwagon the past month or so. And yep, just like everyone says, it’s fun and addicting.

But I’ve got a pet peeve now… people not using the original source page when pinning.

This includes the following:

1. Uploading NON-original work. That would be any picture you didn’t take or create on your own. If you found it online share where you found it.
2. Pinning the image file and not the page where the image is displayed in context.
3. Pinning a Google Image Search result page.
4. Pinning a content scraper’s page. This one can be a little tricky. If the site is done well, it will look like the original source. If the site is “honest” you will usually see a link at the bottom of the post that says something like “via” citing the original source.
5. Pinning the main site instead of the permalink. For example, instead of – This is an easy one to overlook if you are pinning fast. But once the post falls off the front page of a blog others will have a terrible time finding the original post and content surrounding the pinned image.

If you aren’t a blogger or our new I know this can be a confusing but it’s important for a few reasons.

First and foremost, it’s important that we give credit where credit is due. If someone took the time to take a gorgeous photo, write an amazing tutorial with detailed photos, or what have you, the very least we can do is show our love by pinning the blog post or site where they originally published their work. Then maybe they will look at their stats one day, see all that love, and be inspired to post more awesomeness.

Another thing, if you pin something that is pretty freaking cool it’s quite possible the blogger/content creator has posted other cool things. If I can’t click through to their site I’ll never be able to know. So sad.

Finally, it’s very possible that the shrunken down pinned thumbnail doesn’t give as much information as most people want/need. Make it easy for everyone and pin the true source so we can all more efficiently waste our time pinning and repinning.

P.S. it’s also part of the official “Pin Etiquette” list:
Credit Your Sources
Pins are the most useful when they have links back to the original source. If you notice that a pin is not sourced correctly, leave a comment so the original pinner can update the source. Finding the original source is always preferable to a secondary source such as Google Image Search or a blog entry.