New McDonald’s Happy Meal

The other day, McDonald’s invited me and a bunch of other moms to visit a store and learn about their new Happy Meal.

I have a near-three year old and people called me weird but I refused to feed him french fries for the first 2 years of his life. I didn’t have a well-formed argument as to why, especially since I LOVE FRENCH FRIES, but something in me just didn’t want to feed fries to my growing baby.

That’s why I really appreciate when restaurants offer healthy alternatives. And that’s why I was happy to learn about the new and improved McDonald’s Happy Meal this week.

We honestly don’t eat at McDonald’s that often and our visits have been even less frequent after I tried to order apples with my son’s meal a year or so ago and was told that the restaurant I was at didn’t offer apples – at all. I walked out pretty annoyed (I’m looking at you Franklin Mills) because I didn’t know apples weren’t available at all McDonald’s. But that’s apparently changing because there’s a new Happy Meal in town!

The new Happy Meal will automatically include both apple slices AND a new smaller size French fries (1.1 ounces) along with the choice of a Hamburger, Cheeseburger or Chicken McNuggets, and choice of beverage, including new fat-free chocolate milk and 1% low fat white milk. If you are anti-french fries you can ask for apples-only and receive two bags of apple slices. Oh and the caramel dipper is gone. Fine by me, since it’s just liquid candy and I always tossed it (while feeling slightly guilty for wasting food).

During our lunch-time visit we sampled the new meals. For our meals, we opted for chicken nuggets with chocolate milk. My son LOVED the chocolate milk and I will definitely order that again during our next visit! Apples and nuggets were happily eaten and we may have treated ourselves to a few fries too. But not that many thanks to the new itty-bitty, portion-controlled containers. :)

As an added treat Ronald McDonald stopped by to entertain all of us. Have to say this was the best Ronald I’ve ever met. He rode in on a unicycle, juggled, and kept the kid’s laughing with jokes. My little X-man was impressed and terrified at same time. He hid under the table the entire time (mommy’s arms weren’t even good enough) and sat watching mesmerized on the floor. He was uber happy that Ronald autographed a picture for him too.. even if he wouldn’t go near him.

Big thanks go out to McDonald’s (of Conshohocken, PA) for treating us to lunch with entertainment and telling us about the healthy changes you are striving to make with Happy Meals and the rest of your menu.