I love gobies!

So I wrote about a newly discovered goby yesterday which reminded me of the bumblebee goby commonly available in the aquarium market.
Unfortunately, it likes brackish (slightly salty) water so I can’t get any for my freshwater tank unless I want to watch them slowly die. :(

The next tank I set up will be a brackish one and I will FILL it with bumblebees!!!!! Ahahaha!

I found out there are many so-called freshwater species that prefer a little salt in their water. I guess the pet stores don’t care to tell you that b/c when your fish die you just go back and get more.

Another thing pet stores don’t tell you or lie about… Chinese Algae eaters don’t really eat algae! They mostly eat it when they are little but prefer fishfood when they get older! Oh yeah, they aren’t from China either. (Oto cats are much better algae eaters!)