4th of July, 2011

We enjoyed an old fashioned 4th of July celebration on the grounds of the Mercer and Fonthill Museums.

The day started with a decorated children’s bike parade. With well over 100 children in the parade it had to be one of the cutest parades I’ve ever seen! Everyone rode over massive sheets of bubble wrap. We were towards the back of the parade and had no clue what all the noise was … it fun surprise for the kids! Afterwards, the museum gave out lots of awards to kids with the best decorated bikes. We didn’t win any this year but just wait to next year cause we are so gonna BRING IT! :-D

After the parade we enjoyed potato sack races, an obstacle course challenge, a watermelon eating contest and more. There was even a tent filled with old fashioned toys and musical instruments that the kids were allowed to freely play with.