Get Your Fruit On for Halloween!

It’s Halloween time! Which also means spoiling ourselves with some not-so healthy foods. Chocolate, candies and those good old chips! We all love our chips but the guilty feeling that comes with it, not so much! But hold on! What if you could eat chips and still do your body good? And how about if you could win some of those fantastic and delicious chips? 

New Mini Board Books at Chick-fil-A

Oh so many years ago, as a teenager, I was a Team Leader at Chick-fil-A. I remember whenever we had Little Golden Books people would flock in to buy kid’s meals. I’ve only recently started buying kid’s meals myself (my little guy devours the fruit cups!) and it was great to discover that they’ve kept up the book tradition over the years.

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Thoughts on Bags and a Thank You!

I started following the Green Bag Ladyblog run by Teresa VanHatten-Granath not long ago. Actually, just a few days before she announced her 3 year anniversary and a new fabric bag giveaway. In just 3 years she’s given away over 14,000 handmade bags! Wow!

I entered the giveaway and in the end a bag was sent to everyone who entered and didn’t already own one of her bags.

Bags have been more on my mind since I’ve started selling books at local events…. {continue reading at Just Children’s Books}