How to Geotarget and Gate Facebook Posts

Did you know that you can geographically target Facebook posts on the Facebook pages you manage? You can also target by Gender, Relationship Status, Educational Status, Interested In, Age, Location, and Language.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do geotarget your posts.

How to Enable Geo-Targeting

First, let’s enable geotargeting in your settings. By default, this setting is usually turned off. Go to your Page Settings (click on “Edit Page” and choose “Edit Settings” from the drop-down menu.) Under the “General” tab, go to “Post Targeting and Privacy” and turn the feature on as shown below.



How to Geo-Target a Post

Write your post as you normally would. Click on the cross-hairs icon:


“All Locations” are included by default:


Click on “Add Targeting” and select “Location”. Here you can also see the options to target posts by other audience characteristics.



Select “Country”, “Region or State”, or “City” and type in where your target audience is located. You can add as many as you want:


Once you “Choose Locations” you’ll be brought back to your post where you will see an estimate of how many people your post will reach. You can also choose to include additional targeting options at this point.


You’re ready to go! Hit “Post” – your post will now be targeted to the personal timelines of those in the regions you selected! Those not in your targeted regions won’t see the post in their timelines, however,  should they visit your page/wall, they will be able to see it on your page.

Should you want to prevent people outside of your targeted locations from seeing your post, even when they visit your page, you can gate the post.

How to Gate a Post

Gating posts allows you to control who is able to see your post. You can gate posts by Location or Language.

First, click on the “Public” next to the “Post” button:


Add the locations of where you want to limit the visibility of your post and save your settings:   geotarget_facebook5

You’re ready to go! Hit “Post” – your post will now be viewable to only those in the regions you selected! Those not in your targeted regions will not see your post, in their personal timelines or on your page/wall.  Even if someone who can see it shares the post, only those within the selected locations will be able to see the shared post.


NetZero 4G HotSpot and Wireless Service – GIVEAWAY!

Do you remember NetZero from back in the day? I do! My mom was all over their free dial up service back in the late 90’s. But since the dawn on Cable and FiOS connections I haven’t really thought about dial-up or NetZero and I honestly didn’t know if they still existed.

Well they do, and they’ve joined 2012 in style with a new 4G wireless service.

My mom passed away in ’04 but I have a feeling she’d be just as excited about this new service as I am. I’m pretty sure she would have signed up as soon as I told her about it because NetZero is staying true to their name and offering plans that start out at $0.00 per month.

They pretty much have a service plan that will fit every budget and usage need.

In case you are wondering what 4G is … well, think of it as broadband on-the-go. A fast wireless Internet connection that you can take with you anywhere that there is coverage. And there’s coverage across 80 cites and metro areas so there’s a nice chance that you are covered!

Here’s what the NetZero Hotspot device looks like:

It’s small enough to conveniently fit in any bag or larger pockets so you can take it with you anywhere. The HotSpot device allows up to 8 simultaneous devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) to connect to it. There’s also a small NetZero device call the “Stick” that looks and plugs into your laptop like a USB drive and gives it wireless Internet access. You can’t share access like you can with the HotSpot though.

And yes, I named my hotspot, Hermes, and that’s the password in parenthesis. If you are within range you are welcome to hop on! :)

That is, unless you WIN YOUR OWN! Because, as the post title suggests, I do have a GIVEAWAY for you!

[Hermes = Greek god of transitions and boundaries. Quick, cunning, and moved freely between the worlds. Protector and patron of travelers. Seems appropriate, yes no?]

You can win your very own NetZero 4G HotSpot Device PLUS 3 free months of Platinum Service. Yep, that’s their top-of-the-line $49.99/month plan.

I know Santa will be bringing lots of tablets, laptops, and smartphones to families everywhere this year. In fact, he already brought a couple of Nexus 7‘s to our house and couldn’t resist delivering them early despite my weak protests.

Your family will LOVE having fast Internet access wherever they go for all their portable devices. For a chance to win, follow the directions in the form below. There are several simple ways to enter, pick whichever ones you want to do.

If you don’t want to take your chances or wait head on over to NetZero today and grab a HotSpot for yourself. (Psst, they are on sale right now!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* I am being compensated by NetZero to host this Giveaway promotion.

Uprinting Business Card Giveaway!

Despite the digital age that we live in, if you are in business (or even blogging semi-casually) you should have plenty of business cards on hand at all times! You never know when one will come in handy. Just the other day I was asked for my card by a friend who knows me but wanted to pass it on AND I DIDN’T HAVE ANY ON ME! DUH!

This is where an affordable business cards printing company comes in handy. I like Uprinting because they offer several types and sizes of business cards. Right now I just have plain-jane standard cards but I’m really partial to the die-cut leaf shaped cards.

What do you think? What kind of cards do you like best? Think about it and then enter below for your chance to win a set of 250 premium die-cut business cards from Uprinting.

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Prize Information:
250 Die-cut Business Cards for one (1) winner.
2×3.5″ Rounded Corners, 2×2″ Rounded Corners, 1.75×3.5″ Rounded Corners, 2×3.5″ Leaf, 2×3.5 Rounded one corner, 2×3.5″ Half-Circle Side, 2×3.5″ Oval, or 2.5″ Circle
14pt Cardstock Gloss / Matte / High Gloss (UV), or 13pt Cardstock Uncoated
6 Business days print turnaround time
Free US shipping only

1. This giveaway is open to US residents only, 18 years old and above.
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5. See Terms on entry form for full restrictions.

You should assume that I will receive free print products in exchange for the post. Any and all reviews posted are based solely on my own experience and may be atypical. Please practice due diligence in making any related purchase decisions. Interested to hold a giveaway like this? Please sign up here.

Business on the Web – Link Roundup

As we move into a new week, I want to share a few articles and blog posts I found interesting this past week or so.

On the SEO front, Search Engine Land confirmed that Google released Panda 3.2 For those out of the loop, “Panda” is Google’s attempt to lower the rankings of low-quality websites that was first implemented in early 2011. If you’ve seen a change for the better or worse in your search engine ranking this past month Panda may be the reason.

Speaking of Google, they released More Options for Google+ Badges. I haven’t put up a Google+ badge on any of my sites yet but it’s on my huge list of little tasks to eventually do. In the meantime, you can find my somewhat neglected Google+ page here.

At the same time, Jason Cormier of Search Engine Watch explains Why Your Business Needs to Be on Google+ Now. Perhaps it’s time to give Google+ a little more priority after all.

Shelley AKA @TheIQMom asks, Are Corporations Killing Mom Bloggers? She explores the evolution of “mom blogs” (but I’d argue blog culture in general) and ultimately suggests that companies AND bloggers to look beyond the numbers.

What does this mean exactly? Well to me it means, whether you are a blogger or a business, don’t get too caught up in just the numbers chase. Businesses need to look for QUALITY as well (duh?)

Think Traffic provides us with a case study of How Sarai Mitnick Attracts 380k Pageviews a Month and Built a Business Around a Sewing Blog. Now that’s a great example of a blog that is the total package, providing quality content and high traffic.

As bloggers we need to ask ourselves, how do we rise above the millions of other blogs and websites out and become stars in our own niches? And businesses need to figure out how to find and judge the rising stars that reach their target demographics.

Author, Terri Giuliano, truly understands the power of bloggers though. After being told by an agent she’d be lucky to sell even 500 copies of In Leah’s Wake, book bloggers buoyed her sales to almost 80,000 in just 7 months! How inspiring!

Finally, Pinterest is the new darling of social media. Joey Fortman of Real Mom Media and BEN-FM in Philly gives tips to traditional media to leverage the power of Pinterest. Whether you are in traditional media, social media, or run a business you’ll find her tips give you some food-for-thought.

Are Retailers the Last Middleman? Buying Direct From China.

A few years ago, [eBay] resurrected its China business by letting exporters of everything from wedding dresses to camera equipment sell directly to eBay’s 97 million overseas users. – Mercury News

If you live in the United States no doubt you’ve heard someone preach how we should all buy products “Made in the USA” only.

The reasons vary. We are concerned that we may be unwittingly supporting sweatshops where the poor or even children toil in unsafe conditions. We worry that the products we buy may be unsafe for our own children or pets. We lament the lack of quality. We might even care that other countries have lax environmental laws. Often, it seems most of all we complain about American job loss.

Despite all these compelling concerns, I can honestly say that I’ve never really paid much attention to the BUY AMERICAN-MADE ONLY argument. First, it’s inconvenient, if not impossible. Then there’s the fact that my family is on a tight budget and I love a bargain. However, I also believe we are part of a global society and buying non-US made products isn’t all bad. Chinese, Indians, Guatemalans, etc. are all people too. Many of them probably need and rely on their low-paying jobs more than we can imagine. Plus, when you shop for your non-US Made products the US economy still gets some action. From truck drivers to cashiers to the tax-man our dollars are spread throughout in the US to a certain degree.

But then something happened this past weekend.

I sell goods at a small and local weekend market. It’s a way for me to make ends meet while not having to pay for daycare. And although I sell a few handcrafted-in-the-US goods, probably most of the stuff is MADE IN CHINA.

A woman stopped by and oohed and aahed over these silly faux-fur animal hats. She even said my prices were fair ($10-15 lower than the mall). She tried a hat on and stared in the mirror for awhile, but she ultimately put it back. Not unusual in itself. But then she said she will go on Ebay, pay a little more for a real-fur hat, and get it direct from China – shipped free.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but something didn’t feel right about that. First, let’s put the real fur argument aside. I’ve heard all kinds of excuses for not buying something so that part didn’t really bother me. I still felt a little unsettled by her enthusiasm for buying stuff from China on Ebay.

After she walked away, it dawned on me. By ordering goods direct from China this woman just cut out a huge chunk of the remaining US economy that is affected by retail transactions.


      Retail establishment and all the people employed there
      The Country via lost income taxes
      The State via lost sales taxes and income taxes
      The city/township via a loss of things like “business privilege tax” (I pay 1% in sales) or sales tax and income tax.
      The wholesale company that sells to the retailer and all their employees
      The building owners (mall, shopping center, etc.) and all their employees

Winners: or other online outlet that charges for facilitating the transaction and their employees
      The delivery services that ultimately brings packages to the customer’s doorstep and their employees
      CHINA (or wherever the seller resides)

I can’t claim complete innocence here either. I do bargain shop on eBay myself and perhaps I’ve ordered from China in the past. I know for sure my other half has had packages delivered from overseas. I was even watching an auction for wooden toy eggs before Christmas. I couldn’t believe how cheap they were and thought they’d be perfect to add to the kitchen set Santa was bringing my son. He loves to pretend cook eggs – mimicking his Daddy!

After my encounter with the Hat Lady I decided to let them go.

Ultimately, I’m not here to tell you to buy Made in the USA only or to even say don’t buy from Chinese Sellers on eBay or elsewhere. But maybe we should all be a little more conscious of our purchasing decisions (or at least keep our mouths shut when talking to a self-employed merchant!).

In the case of the those toy eggs, I started to wonder: How do I know they aren’t covered in lead or other toxic elements? If there’s a recall how in the world would I find out? How do I know ancient forests aren’t being destroyed for the wood? Sure, I should have the same questions about any toy and buying from a major US brand won’t guarantee safety. But it seems like a layer of protection is being removed when we decide to buy direct from an individual or organization overseas. I wonder if it’s worth it, especially when you add those thoughts to the fact that the US economy is losing out big time.

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