LeVar Burton, Reading Rainbow, and NYC.

The Reading Rainbow App was released the other day and I had the pleasure of attending a sneak preview event in NYC the day before the release. You can read all about the Reading Rainbow App at JustChildrensBooks.com.

I don’t know about you, but I always wanted to be of the kid book reviewers featured on the show!

The excitement started on the train ride when I tweeted that I was on my way and LeVar Burton retweeted me! That totally made this Reading Rainbow and Star Trek fangirl’s day … until I was later able to snag a quick photo opp and exchange pleasantries in person.

Photo by Barbara @ Homeroom At Home

But I became a huge LeVar Burton fan when he emotionally came on stage and told us the story behind the App’s launch while wiping away tears. Reading Rainbow and children’s literacy are his lifelong passions and you can tell.

One of my favorite moments of the event was when Burton introduced us to Tina Fabrique. She’s the original singer of the Reading Rainbow theme song. After so many years, they had just met for the very first time. But that didn’t stop them from singing the theme song together live and then getting all of us to join in.

The quality isn’t great because I was not prepared to film anything but I managed to catch the special moment on video:

After the presentation we were all surprised by a room filled with children reading and playing with the new Reading Rainbow App and a cake from the famous CakeBoss! Thankfully, there were iPads set up for the adults to use too. I doubt the kids would have given their iPads up, they were having way too much fun!

The tablet side of the cake was very good. It was a red-velvet with a cream cheese filling. Yum!

While there, I couldn’t help but admire the view from Studio 450. I risked looking like the tourist that I was and snapped a few pics. I didn’t know it at the time, but the view below shows part of High Line Park and a mural that was completed not long ago by JR, a French street artist. The paper mural is titled “Brandon Many Ribs, Standing Rock Reservation, North Dakota,” and is part of the Inside Out Project.

After the event, I walked around NYC a bit and had lunch with Barbara of Homeroom At Home and her adorable daughter – my traveling buddies for the day!

And don’t ya know it, Barbara suggested we visit High Line Park. I was expecting a regular park but was pleasantly surprised! A much to my delight, I had just unknowingly took a picture of it part of it.

The park is built on an old elevated freight rail line and is definitely the most unique park I’ve ever visited. It’s gorgeous in both its architecture and natural landscaping. This is a view from the park of the Chelsea neighborhood.

After looking this mural up online, I found out that it’s new too and was completed just a day or two before I happened upon it. Nice! This Kissing Sailor remix was done by Eduardo Kobra, an artist from Brazil. Lucky me getting to see both of these fresh and fantastic murals in person.

Such a fun and beautiful day all around.

The Digital Family Summit is Coming to Philly

The first and only blogging and digital media creation conference for teens and tweens ages 10-18 [and their families] is coming to Philadelphia this Summer.

If you have teens who blog, vlog, create other digital content, or have expressed an interest in doing so you are going to want to sign up for the DIGITAL FAMILY SUMMIT this year!

The Digital Family Summit will be held June 29 thru July 1, 2012 at the Sheraton Society Hill and will feature three tracks: Strategy, Tools and Safety. Each track will have options available for beginners and experts alike.

There will even be activities planned for non-digital creating parents and kids under 10 making this a true family event.

Teens and tweens will meet other young bloggers, videographers, or kidpreneurs and take part in exciting, interactive sessions on blogging, video creation, Twitter, Facebook, and other emerging social media platforms. Parents will hear from experts about keeping tweens and teens safe online, learn how to teach kids social media skills, and discuss digital activities that families can do together.

As the best part is, as a member of the Philadelphia Social Media Moms, I’m happy to be able to offer you a 10% 20% off coupon code.

Register Here
and use code PSMM at checkout to save 20% off your ticket price between now and May 31st.

UPDATE: As of 5/14 the coupon code is for 20% off instead of 10% off. Enjoy!

Klout Score Observations

Just thought I’d share an little anecdote about Klout.

I have 2 Twitter accounts, thus 2 Klout profiles.


I have one personal Facebook profile. I have public pages for my blogs as well but had linked my Facebook account to Klout before the ability to link pages was available.

My personal Facebook profile was linked to JustBooks4Kids. While poking around on the Klout site┬áto see about adding Facebook to my NicholeAnnCom profile I was brought to a page that said I could merge accounts. As I suspected my accounts weren’t actually merged but rather the link to my personal Facebook profile was switched from JustBooks4Kids to NicholeAnnCom.

Here’s how it affected my stats:

NicholeAnnCom went from 27 to 42.
JustBooks4Kids went from 42 to 27.

So apparently my personal Facebook profile is worth 15 points!

In case you are wondering, I have 203 “friends” on Facebook and rarely use it as a platform for my blog posts. In fact, while I’m on Facebook all the time (thanks to some amazing private groups) I don’t really post much on my profile at all anymore. I just checked and I only have 8 updates for February so far.

It’s maybe more interesting to note that BOTH my twitter accounts are worth 27 Klout points.
Let’s look closer:

NicholeAnnCom has around 850 followers. I’ve only tweeted from it 275 times as I’ve only really started using it the past few months. But I’ve been favoring it lately and using it the most because I want to keep the other account more on the topic of books.
JustBooks4Kids has around 1200 followers. I’ve been slacking and not tweeting from this account as much but I’ve been using it a lot longer.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my scores flipped the way they did considering that the Facebook link was the only change I made recently. Yet somehow I didn’t expect such a clean and clear score change since Klout is notorious for keeping users in the dark in regards to scoring. More surprising to me was that both twitter accounts are valued the same by Klout.

What does this all mean? Not much in the grand scheme of things but, since I found it interesting, I thought I’d share.

BTW, as of today, I’ve connected my JustChildrensBooks Facebook page to my JustBooks4Kids klout profile. We’ll see how or if that affects my new lower score.


Pin the Source! Pinterest

I signed up for Pinterest awhile back but only jumped on the bandwagon the past month or so. And yep, just like everyone says, it’s fun and addicting.

But I’ve got a pet peeve now… people not using the original source page when pinning.

This includes the following:

1. Uploading NON-original work. That would be any picture you didn’t take or create on your own. If you found it online share where you found it.
2. Pinning the image file and not the page where the image is displayed in context.
3. Pinning a Google Image Search result page.
4. Pinning a content scraper’s page. This one can be a little tricky. If the site is done well, it will look like the original source. If the site is “honest” you will usually see a link at the bottom of the post that says something like “via thissiteoverhere.com” citing the original source.
5. Pinning the main site instead of the permalink. For example, http://wwww.NicholeAnn.com instead of http://www.nicholeann.com/2012/pin-the-source-pinterest/ – This is an easy one to overlook if you are pinning fast. But once the post falls off the front page of a blog others will have a terrible time finding the original post and content surrounding the pinned image.

If you aren’t a blogger or our new I know this can be a confusing but it’s important for a few reasons.

First and foremost, it’s important that we give credit where credit is due. If someone took the time to take a gorgeous photo, write an amazing tutorial with detailed photos, or what have you, the very least we can do is show our love by pinning the blog post or site where they originally published their work. Then maybe they will look at their stats one day, see all that love, and be inspired to post more awesomeness.

Another thing, if you pin something that is pretty freaking cool it’s quite possible the blogger/content creator has posted other cool things. If I can’t click through to their site I’ll never be able to know. So sad.

Finally, it’s very possible that the shrunken down pinned thumbnail doesn’t give as much information as most people want/need. Make it easy for everyone and pin the true source so we can all more efficiently waste our time pinning and repinning.

P.S. it’s also part of the official “Pin Etiquette” list:
Credit Your Sources
Pins are the most useful when they have links back to the original source. If you notice that a pin is not sourced correctly, leave a comment so the original pinner can update the source. Finding the original source is always preferable to a secondary source such as Google Image Search or a blog entry.