What Are Regional Trade Agreements On Agriculture Under Comesa

The specific objectives of industry and agriculture include: 1) promoting increased agricultural productivity and agri-processing to improve food security and nutrition and the competitiveness of agricultural products in the COMESA REGION; 2) promote and promote competitive and diversified industrial development in the COMESA region; 3) promote the links between industry, the added value of agriculture and other natural resources and encourage the development of other economic sectors for sustainable and inclusive development in the COMESA region; 4) promote and support compliance with regional and international standards and health and plant health measures (SPS) to improve access to competitive markets and improve intra-regional and international trade; 5) promote the development, harmonization and implementation of agricultural and industrial development policies, regulations, strategies and programmes in the region; 6) Promote and support the creation of an environment conducive to investment and business development in the region. The Industry and Agriculture Department fulfills its mandate through the following technical units and agencies: The mandate of the industry and agriculture division is to promote the development of competitive, sustainable and profitable agriculture and industries that contribute to the economic and social well-being of comea citizens. Support efforts to improve access to regional and global markets, trade, plant and animal health, and food security Coordination and support for development, harmonization and implementation of agricultural policies, strategies and regulations to promote complementarity and sustainability of national agricultural programmes , to ensure inclusive agricultural growth and a global transformation of COMESA`s regional food security, economic development and integration. A specialized COMESA agency created in accordance with Article 182 of the COMESA Treaty. Their programmes aim to stimulate intra-regional agricultural trade by supporting smallholder farmers` access to inputs, outputs and financial markets. Support investments in the sustainable exploitation of marine resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and employment while preserving the health of the ocean ecosystem.