Trinity Erasmus Learning Agreement

Trinity`s official Erasmus Scholarship Document states that students must receive 70% of their scholarship within 30 calendar days from the conclusion of each student`s scholarship agreement. The college must sign this agreement in addition to the student. The document does not provide for a deadline for the college to sign the agreement. If you make a specific Erasmus exchange agreement, you must take two-thirds of your courses in the area of the Erasmus exchange agreement. Although it is possible to study in Edinburgh during the first semester, the second semester or the whole year, the length of time you can study here may depend on the Erasmus exchange agreement we have with your home university. To qualify for Erasmus+, you must participate in an Erasmus+ exchange with a university with which Trinity Laban has an agreement. Trinity Laban maintains partnerships with a multitude of music and dance conservatories throughout Europe. Our partners include institutions from countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden. Details on specific partnerships are available to all Trinity Laban students via the Moodle Learning portal. If you are interested in an institution that is part of the Erasmus network but is not on this list, please let us know and we will contact them to see if they would like to accept one of our applications.

You can apply for Erasmus if you are currently enrolled in your first year (or more) at a home university that has an Erasmus exchange agreement with the University of Edinburgh AND your home institution has appointed you to study with us. If your host university has not cancelled its Erasmus exchanges, you can continue your exchanges for the first semester, although the university advises students not to leave if their host university has switched to online-only learning. The fate of students participating in Erasmus for the second semester is still in the air and a decision is not expected until September. BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR AN EXCHANGE (For exchange students 2020/21) Please consult the Student Guide to Outsourcing for information on Erasmus and non-EU exchanges. Once students have been accepted and nominated for an exchange, they should contact the appropriate exchange coordinators, who can advise you on the modules. Students must also have started preparing a learning agreement before departure, in consultation with the relevant coordinator(s). . .