Torneos Deferred Prosecution Agreement

The ECJ also has difficulty in making a comparative assessment between the actual amount of fraud and the negotiated fine. As the negotiations before the CJIP are confidential, the accessible contents of the CJIP remain a broad and difficult to readable summary. This is all the more true in international cases as there are no directives laying down the criteria for the distribution of prosecutions and fines among the law enforcement authorities of the countries concerned. NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. prosecutors on Tuesday announced a deal allowing Argentine sports media Torneos y Competencias SA to pay some U.S. $112.8 million to settle allegations in a wide-reaching investigation into bribes against FIFA, the World Football Federation. The objective of this equity is to promote cooperation between companies in the prosecution of acts of corruption that concern them through an incentive mechanism. $416 million compared to $805 million in 2012 for 2015-20 and $2.1 billion compared to $560 million in 2013 for three tournaments over seven years.) For its part, Fox called the accusations “totally unfounded” in a statement: as part of the deal, Torneos agreed to lose $89 million and pay a $23.76 million fine. .