Au Pair Agreement Australia

What are the obligations of an au pair in Australia? What are the maximum hours that can be worked? How much pocket money does an au pair in Australia? On this page we present the important conditions for an au pair stay in Australia. An au pair is employed to help the host family take care of their children, household chores and other tasks. You arrange meetings with Au Pairs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, otherwise families can have a video or Skype interview as soon as they have a list of choices. Australian families who employ an au pair or half-girl can use a contract template. Simply print and sign as it is, or use it as the basis for a bespoke contract. “Au Pair” is a French term that is translated as “a couple” or “family member”. An au pair is a young person who plays a childcare role abroad with a host family. You are generally considered a family member — a big sister. Girls from outside the EU need a letter of invitation from their host families in addition to the contract. In Spain, the Directorate-General of Police issues the letter of invitation. Therefore, host families should request the appropriate form from their local police station. Once received, they must send the letter to their future au pairs, along with the contract, so that the boys or girls can present the documents at the Spanish Embassy and apply for their visa.

Australia does not offer an “Au Pair” visa. Au pairs enter the country on a 6-month working holiday visa, which can be extended to 12 months and, in some cases, to 18 months. A half-moon couple travel to Australia as full-time English students, meaning they work fewer hours with about 15 hours a week. If the au pair drives the host family car, the insurance situation must be clarified in advance. Au pair and host family must decide who will bear the uninsured costs in the event of an accident. In exchange for their services receives an au pair: The main difference between an au pair and a nanny is the degree of experience with children. An au pair should normally have about 200 hours of experience with children. What is expected of an au pair? Their main task is to take care of children under the age of 12. The services provided by an au pair usually fall into the category of private and domestic work.