A Day at the Philadelphia Zoo

During the summer, I can have every other Monday off if I work an extra hour each day. Some days I wonder if it’s worth it because I don’t get home until around 7pm. I miss dinner with the kid and he’s typically in bed by 8 or 8:30pm leaving me very little time with him. But then the coveted day off rolls around and we do something like…

Meet a Yellow-knobbed Currasow (from South America).IMG_20130812_125551_557

Get an up close look at the amazing world of ants.


Marvel at polar bears while watching them catch fish.

polar bear

Play with friends in a wild land of make believe as I reminiscence about my own childhood playing on the very same structures.

IMG_20130812_143751_206 IMG_20130812_144747_576

Take obligatory touristy photos with statues.


Splash in a fountain as I recall a similar scene from a year ago.
IMG_20130812_154238_539DSC00198 (2)

… and I know it’s all worth it.

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