Top Things Kids Wish You Had in Your Kitchen

Kotobuki Plastic Egg Molds

You and your kids will have fun making adorably shaped hard-boiled eggs with these egg molds from Japan. They make a fun treat in a lunch box and are known for enticing toddlers to eat their eggs. Popular with the bento lunchbox-making crowd, these molds are available in 6 different shapes on Amazon. Best of all, you can grab all of them for between just $10-15 total!

dinosaur spaghetti spoon for kidsFred Pastasaurus

Now, that’s using your noodle! Dinosaur and pasta lovers will get a kick out of scooping up their spaghetti with Fred Pastasaurus.

pizza cutter for kids
Piranha Pizza Cutter
by Boston Warehouse

Who wouldn’t have fun cutting pizza (and maybe other things like potatoes, hot dogs, veggies, etc.) with this piranha pizza cutter? It comes with a stainless steel blade so you’ll have to watch little fingers but bigger helpers will get a kick out of this pizza cutter while little ones have fun watching.

Cool Jazz Guitar Ice Cube Tray by Fred

These cool guitar ice cubes with built in stirrer are not only great for grown-up cocktails but would be PERFECT for a music or Rock Star themed children’s party. Don’t be surprised if your kid wants a guitar with every cup or juice or water afterwards though. For even more fun use them to make yummy guitar-shaped popsicles! You can make 3 guitars (each one is different) with a set so I recommended buying multiple sets if you are planning for a party.

Monster Fun Ice Pop Molds by MSC

Speaking of popsicles both you and your kids will love these monster popsicle molds. The best part for kids? The yummy home made popsicle, of course! The best part for mom and dad? They have a flat bottom and can be put down without making a mess when your kid invariably will want to hand the pop over to you so they can play for a minute. The company also makes matching push-pop molds.

Unicorn Shaped Corn Holders by Gama-Go

I used to collect unicorns. Now I’m older and jaded, so sold most of my collection on eBay awhile ago. But, feeling a bit nostalgic, I felt compelled to include these bad boys! Seriously, what kid wouldn’t get a kick out of impaling corn with the horns of unicorns?

Mustard Marvin Bottle Topper

Sure, your mustard bottle comes with a perfectly functional lid by why stick with a plain-jane lid when you can have Mustard Marvin in your life? Marvin replaces your mustard cap with his head. Squeezing the bottle will make Marvin spew mustard from his mouth on your burger, hot dog, or what not. It’s gross, but kids will love it. Fits most standard mustard bottles but probably not french mustard bottles.


Snot-a-mug Egg Separator

If mustard barfing Marvin wasn’t enough for you then you will definitely want to check out the Snot-a-mug Egg Separator! Simply crack your egg into the Snot-a-mug and gently tip over to watch the snot egg-whites run out. Yes, you could just use the egg-shells to separate your eggs, but where’s the fun in that? You know your kids will get a giggle out of this and want to help!


fun vegetable cutters Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutters

Use these to turn boring veggies into fun-shaped snacks! Or get even fancier and make home-made “lunchables” by cutting up lunchmeats, cheese, and fruits too.




Bread Mold Set from Norpro

While we’re making cute veggies and meats might as well bake up some interesting bread. You simply bake dough right into these heart, star, and flower-shaped molds. Don’t have time or the inclination to make fresh dough Try some Pillsbury french bread dough from the tube! You can make tiny tea sandwiches or use them for spreads. Young bakers will really have fun with this set too!


Evriholder and Lunch Punch sandwich cutters.

Okay, so maybe you don’t have time everyday to bake bread and cut up fancy looking veggies. You can still look like you spent of ton of creative energy with sandwich cutters. These crust cutters are specially designed to handle sandwiches (unlike cookie cutters) and are designed to minimize waste. They make all sorts of fun shaped sandwiches. Fast, easy, and available in many different designs!



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