My Hair Dryer DIED!!!

Do you believe this? My hair dryer died! I’ve had this thing for around 20 years and NOW all of a sudden it wants to just quit on me? What’s up with that CONAIR!?

On a more serious note, the hoarder inside me wants to keep this broken thing. You can still see part of where my mom wrote my name on it from when I took it to school or somewhere. She died 7 years ago. :( She’s the one who bought it for me too. If I remember correctly it was a Christmas gift and I think it was MORE than 20 years ago.

So help me pick out a new one and say goodbye to my Conair ProStyle 1250. Should I go with Conair again since I had such luck the first time around? Or are there new and better brands out there now?

19 thoughts on “My Hair Dryer DIED!!!”

  1. I think I cannot wait for the day my hair dryer dies. I am going to then splurge on one of the more expensive ones that the hair dressers use instead of ones from the local grocery store or target or walmart I think it is time I invest in quality goods such as that.

  2. The worst is when you are half way through blow drying your hair :) Splash out and get a really new fundangled one – keep memories in your head and in a photo album – trash the old hairdryer (My hubby is also a hoarder)

  3. I am not the one to ask which hair dryer….. but while I absolutely understand the sentimental value, I would be more than happy to help you toss it (I am always quick to let things go— watching hoarders has truly impacted me!)
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  4. You’re going to love having a new hair dryer! My ten year old hair dryer broke and I got a new Conair one about a year ago, and it dries my hair in half the time my old one did. I say stick with Conair, that’s what both of mine have been and they’ve both been fantastic.

  5. I am going through stuff that I am going to sell and I have a working conair pro style 1250 mini hair dryer in the original box/papers. I have no idea where you are, but I would be willing to part with this, for $10.00. No idea about shipping cost

    1. Aww, that’s so sweet of you to offer! However, I got a brand new Conair hair dryer a few weeks back and am very happy with it. Hopefully your 1250 finds a good home though!

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