Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer GIVEAWAY

A few weeks ago I posted about the sad fate of my 20+ year old Conair Hair Dryer. Well, great news, the fine folks at Conair have taken pity on me and sent a replacement dryer! One for me and another for one of you!

Check it out the “before” and “after”!

My new Conair Infiniti Pro Volume Boost Dryer positively gleams next to its predecessor, even in my lousy cell-phone pic:

There’s no doubt that this baby dries hair a LOT faster. I find myself using the WARM setting the most too, which I’m assuming is better for my hair than the near-scorching HOT on my old dryer. On top of that, I now have ground-fault protection built into the plug apparently. Score one for safety! :-D

My only minor complaint is that this sucker is heavy, at least compared to what I’ve been using for decades. But I guess that goes with the territory when you upgrade to an AC motor and ionic ceramic technology.

I have to admit to being a little perplexed by the attachments, especially the volumizing one. But Conair has some helpful videos linked on the product page. You can see one woman using the volumizer for refined curls and another woman with straighter hair using it to create volume. Then I found these on Youtube:

The orange dryer in the 2nd video is basically the same hair dryer except that model does not come with a volumizing pick. I’ve got some practicing to do but I’m going to have fun trying out new techniques.

So you want one too now, right? Conair sells this bad boy on its site for $59.99 but savvy shoppers can find it elsewhere (Amazon!) on sale for significantly less. Of course you’ll want to try your luck at winning one first! SEE FORM BELOW FOR ENTRY!

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204 thoughts on “Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer GIVEAWAY”

  1. Me I just roll out of bed, brush and go…my daughter (who I would like to win this for) takes about 45min-1hour to do her hair.

  2. I shower daily takes about thirty minutes to blow dry and then i curl so another 20 to 30 minutes! I have very VERY thick hair.

  3. I pretty much roll out of bed and go. Very little time in the morning to do elaborate styling!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  4. That depends, if i’m just going to work then i generally just roll out of bed and dont do much cuz there is never enough time after getting the kids ready. Weekends i actually try and it takes me awhile lol

  5. It takes me about 15-20 minutes more or less. Depends if it wants to cooperate. My hair is very fine so it’s hard to work with.

  6. I wouldn’t know what to do if I took more than 5-10 minutes. I am someone who wants my hair to be quick and easy so I can spend my time with my family.

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